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OnSet for iPad - the intelligent way to manage digital dailies on your film set.

A tool for directors, producers, script supervisors, and any other member of your crew that needs quick and organized access to dailies alongside:

  1. scripts

  2. call sheets

  3. camera reports

  4. sound reports

  1. daily production reports

  2. continuity reports

  3. any other related documents (PDF, PNG, or JPG)

Directors using OnSet can:

  1. immediately view clips that are sorted by scene and take

  2. mark circle-takes and an assembly

  3. send an email from the app that lists all of their circle-takes and any comments they have entered into the system

Other features include:

  1. Sorted access to all production documents.

  2. Quick Edits allow for sequences of clips to be rapidly cut together.

  3. Intelligent method of inputting documents easily allows multiple iPads to be kept in sync.

  4. Parsing of Red clip names to extract camera, reel, clip and date information.

  5. Simultaneous support for multiple projects.

OnSet for iPad in the iTunes Store