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StartingLineup is a mobile team management system designed for use by coaches of ice hockey teams.  It includes a comprehensive set of features including:

  1. Integrated management of player, game, and practice information.

  2. Integrated mapping of practice and game locations.

  3. Real-time statistics gathering.

  4. Integrated video analysis and playback.

  5. Integrated practice planning including a drill designer module.

  6. Integrated email support to allow for efficient communication to players of schedule changes.

StartingLineup is designed to provide you with timely access to information that will enhance your ability to communicate with the players. Some of the features are unprecedented. For example:

  1. The app includes the ability to quickly review past events by linking directly into video clips of previous games.

  2. If you have purchased the optional VGA adapter for your iPad, you can potentially plug into a large-screen TV for video playback.

  3. Supports video hosted online at Vimeo or YouTube.

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