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The Drill Animation Designer provides a way for you to create moving illustrations that demonstrate the drill.

In order to create an animation you should execute the following steps:

  1. 1.Before you start animating, you should touch on the Settings button on the upper toolbar. The Settings window that will appear allows you to specify a length (in seconds) for the animation, and also the desired view of the rink. You can create a drill animation that shows the entire ice surface, half the ice surface, or any of the corners.

  2. 2.Touch on the buttons on the Object Palette section of the screen to introduce players, cones, pucks, and nets for use in the animation. As you create each object, touch on it to drag it to its desired starting position.

  3. 3.Once you have all the objects on the surface and positioned in their starting locations, you can press on the Play button in the Playback Control section of the screen to start time rolling for the animation. Pick the first object that you want to animate, and drag it in real-time to animate. Playback will loop once the end of the clock cycle is reached for the animation. On the next pass, select the next object you want to animate and drag it in real-time. Repeat this for as many objects as you want to animate.

Note that players will generally face in the direction of forward travel. If you want them to face in another direction, you will have to animate a rotation. This is done by turning Dragging off and Rotating on in the Animation Controls section.

It is possible to have players carry pucks. If you have Grab Pucks turned on, and if the player is moved across the position where a puck is located, the player will pick up the puck. The player will continue to carry the puck until any of the Drop or Shoot buttons are pressed. If one player drops a puck, another player can pick the puck up if animated to do so.

The shoot behaviour for pucks is currently very basic. If a player shoots a puck, the puck will move across the ice unti it hits the boards, where it will stop.

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