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Practice drills are used to create practice plans. StartingLineup provides several options that you can use to illustrate and explain the drills:

  1. a textual description

  2. bookmarked webpages - There are a lot of tools on the web that help you to illustrate practice drills. The good news is that you can easily create links to these web pages within StartingLineup. The bad news is that many of these websites are based on Flash animations, which will not currently play back on your iPad.

  3. animations created in StartingLineup - Included in the app is a tool that helps you to build animated illustrations of drills. You can lay out players, cones, pucks, and nets. You can drag all of these objects to create the animation. You can pass pucks from player to player.

  4. videos - Creating animations of drills can get really complicated. There are a lot of tools available on the web for this task and most of them require considerable dedication and patience to fully illustrate a complicated drill. At a certain point, it would probably be much easier to simply have some players correctly execute the drill and record them to video for reference. StartingLineup allows you to associate multiple video clips to each drill so that you can visually explain how it works from multiple perspectives.

Drills in the Practice Drill Library are listed in alphabetical order. Practice drills are shared across all teams in StartingLineup. In other words, if you create a drill for one team, that same drill will be available for use for all teams in your database. If you want to add a drill, press on the + button above the drill list. If you want to view or edit an existing drill, touch on the entry in the list. If you want to remove a drill, touch on the Edit button and then touch the delete icon for the drill you want to remove. Drills that have been pre-loaded into StartingLineup cannot be deleted. Drills that you add can be deleted.

Each drill can have a lot of supporting associated material. This includes any number of links to web pages that illustrate apects of the drill. It also includes any number of animations that are constructed within StartingLineup. For example, for a single drill, you could have both a full-rink animation and a close-up animation that shows activity in just one corner of the ice. You could also link to a web page that illustrates the drill.

The Practice Drill Information page includes the following:

  1. The Drill Name. This is important as it is what you will use to identify the drill when you are assembling your practic plans.

  2. The Drill Category. This can be used to assist in finding suitable drills when assembling practice plans.

  3. A Description. This is where you would enter a textual description of the drill - what the purpose of the drill is and how it can be correctly executed.

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