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The Game Events section of the Game menu provides access to all of the events that have been recorded for the current Game. You can also create new events here. Events are listed in order of game time, with the later events being placed at the top of the list. By default, only goals and penalties are listed at first. If you want to also list line changes and shots, touch on the L and S buttons on the lower toolbar. There filter both by the type of events (goals, penalties, line changes, and shots) and by events associated with your team or the opposition. All of these controls are in the lower toolbar. This is one case where you may find it more convenient to use the device in landscape mode. In landscape mode, the event list stays visible as you change the event filters.

If you want to add a game event, press on the + button above the event list. A list will appear that will allow you to select the type of event to add. If you want to view or edit an existing event, touch on the entry in the list. If you want to remove an event, touch on the Edit button and then touch the delete icon for the event you want to remove. Note that there is a locking feature built into the event viewer. This is to prevent accidental changes to events. If you want to edit an event, touch on the Lock button on the upper toolbar to unlock the editing controls.

There are currently 3 different places within StartingLineup that you can record events that happen during games. Each of these has a different use:

  1. On the Game Events page, you can add and modify goals, penalties, shots, and line changes. This the only page that lets you directly set the game time and the time-of-day for these events.

  2. On the Game Recorder page, the goal is to allow you to rapidly add and modify events. The intent is that you would use the controls on this page to record events in real-time, as they occur during a game.

  3. On the Videos page. While watching video playback of the game, you can record goals, penalties, and shots. You can also adjust the time-of-day to match what you observe as the video is playing back.

StartingLineup allows you to create events that have incomplete information. It is expected that during games, the rapid pace of events will prevent you from being able to capture all of the details. So, you can create events that are only partially filled out and then come back later to fill in more detail.

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