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StartingLineup is an application designed for use by coaches of amateur sports teams. The current version of the app supports ice hockey, with support for additional sports to be added in the future.

The main goal of the application is to provide you with timely access to information that will enhance your ability to communicate with the players. Some of the features are unprecedented. For example, the app includes the ability to quickly review video clips of previous games and practices. While, on ice, during practices, coaches can pull up examples on video of successful and unsuccessful plays.

StartingLineup allows you to manage multiple teams. You can keep a record of teams you coach year after year. Or you can simultaneously maintain information for multiple teams. The top level of the menu structure allows you to create and select teams. You navigate through the hierarchal menu by either pressing the button at the top left of screen, or by rotating the device to landscape orientation to reveal the menu on the left.

StartingLineup is designed much like the iPad Mail app. In portrait orientation, all navigation happens off of the button in the upper left of the toolbar. In landscape orientation, the navigation menu remains visible on the left side of the screen.

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