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Players are listed in order of last name. If you want to add a player, press on the + button above the player list. If you want to view or edit an existing player, touch on the name in the list. If you want to remove a player, touch on the Edit button and then touch the delete icon for the Player you want to remove.

For each player, it is important that you provide a first and last name, the player's position, and the player's number. All the other information is optional, and you can choose to not fill it in if you don't need it for your records. Note that Guardian information is only visible in portrait orientation.

The statistics displayed for each player are calculated based on all games played. If no events have been entered for a game, it is assumed that the game was cancelled and it isn't included in the totals.

Player photos are selected from your iPhoto library, so make sure you have loaded these in advance through iPhoto, so that you can select them here. To select a photo, touch on the button on the top right of the photo area. Note that you can scale and crop within the photo select window. So, if you have a photo that includes multiple players, you can crop it to isolate only the player of interest.

It is not currently possible to have the same player appear on more than one team. If this occurs, you will have to create a duplicate entry for the second team.

Establishing whether the player is a forward,defenceman , or goaltender can be important when using the game recorder feature. Players will appear in their appropriate positions on the display on the game recorder screen.

In the upper toolbar, there is a button titled Import Players. If you touch on this button, you can specify the online location of a file to be used to import players. This is a quick way to import players if you already have them stored in a spreadsheet.

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