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In StartingLineup, a practice plan is an ordered set of drills. If you want to add a drill to a plan, press on the + button above the list of practice plan drills. If you want to view or edit an existing practice plan drill, touch on the entry in the list. If you want to remove a drill, touch on the Edit button and then touch the delete icon for the item you want to remove.

If you want to re-order the items in your list, press on the Edit button. You will then see the re-order icons appear on the right side of each cell. You can touch on these icons and drag the items up and down in the list.

The Practice Plan page provides quick access to all assets associated with the drill. You can select the drill by touching on the Drill Name field. You can indicate the number of minutes allocated to the drill in the Time Allocated field. You can add special notes related to executing this drill during this specific practice using the Additional Notes field.

The Drill Description box will display information about this drill from the Drill Library. If drill animations or web links for the drill have been created in the library, these are accessible via buttons that will be visible in the lower toolbar.

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