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Practices are listed in order of date. If you want to add a practice, press on the + button above the practice list. If you want to view or edit an existing practice, touch on the entry in the list. If you want to remove a practice, touch on the Edit button and then touch the delete icon for the practice you want to remove. Practices that have already been held are marked in gray in the list.

For each practice, you can access the following:

  1. General Practice Info - Includes date and location.

  2. Practice Plan - A list of all the drills that are planned for the practice. The drills are listed in planned order and they have a planned amount of time allocated.

On the General Practice Information page:

  1. You can touch on the Practice Date field to select the date and time of the scheduled start of the practice.

  2. Practice Notes provides a spot where you can jot down things you want to remember about this practice specifically. For example, you might want to make a note about a particular skill that you want to focus on during this practice.

  3. You can touch on the Location field to add or select a location for the practice. A number of arenas have been pre-loaded into StartingLineup, but depending on your geographical location, you may need to add your own locations. Locations that have been pre-loaded into StartingLineup cannot be deleted, but locations that you create can be deleted on the 'Select Location' page.Once a location is selected, the map display will change to reflect the choice. You can pan and zoom on the map by using normal gestures.

  4. In the upper toolbar, there is a button titled Import Practice Dates. If you touch on this button, you can specify the online location of a file to be used to import practice dates. This is a quick way to import practice dates if you already have them stored in a spreadsheet.

  5. If you touch on the email button in the lower toolbar when you are viewing general info for a practice, a window will pop up that lets you compose an email to all the players and team staff. The email body contains the details of the practice.

  6. If you touch on the email button in the lower toolbar when you haven't yet picked a practice from the list, an message will be created that contains the schedule of all future practices.

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