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The Game Recorder page is designed to allow quick recording of all the events that happen during a game. This includes goals, penalties, shots, and line changes.

In a real game, it can be a significant challenge to record everything that is happening in real time. For this reason, the Game Recorder allows you to record events that have only partially provided details. When there is a lull in the game, you can go back and enter more detail.

Recording all the line changes in a game may be unnecessary for many teams. You may still want to take advantage of this feature to be able to track the plus-minus statistic for your players. Simply create a line change event a second before the goal that establishes which players were on the ice.

The Game Recorder page is divided into 5 sections:

  1. 1.The upper toolbar contains buttons that allow events to be created. As soon as you press one of these buttons, the game time is locked in for the event you are creating. In other words, if a goal is scored, press the button immediately - the game time will be locked in and you can take as much time as you need to record the player information.

  2. 2.The top left of the page is a graphical display of the players from your team who are currently on the ice. Note that this display is updated every second, so that if you wind the game clock back, you will see the players listed in this section change as they are shifted on and off the ice. You can touch on these players to create events. For example, if one of the players on the ice takes a shot on net, you can touch on his name here and select Shot to create a new shot event. If too many players are recorded as being on the ice, you will see an error message appear in red here that indicates that there are more than 6 players on the ice. The position of players here, will generally reflect their expected positions. So, for example, a defenceman will be show in the defence position. This can get complicated when there are too many players on the ice for a given position. In this case the system shifts them to another open spot on the ice.

  3. 3.The right side of the page contains a list of game events. These events are listed in order of game time. The events can be filtered in a number of ways (see section 5 below for more details on this). You can scroll downwards to reveal earlier events. Events associated with your team are displayed in yellow. Events associated with the opposing team are shown in grey. You can delete events by touching the Edit button, and then pressing on the appropriate delete icon beside the item. You can modify events by touching on the event to select it and then touching on the Modify Event button.

  4. 4.At the bottom of the page is the game clock panel. This section displays the current score, shot counters, and penalty totals. These numbers are informational only and cannot be edited by touching on them - they are determined based upon recorded game events. The clock itself, can be adjusted by touching on it. When you touch on the clock, a larger display pops up and you can adust period, minutes, and seconds. In this way, you can try to keep your clock in sync with the actual game clock to maintain accuracy when you are recording events. The play button adjacent to the clock allows you to start and stop the clock in order to keep in sync with the game clock.

  5. 5.The lower toolbar contains buttons that allow you to filter the event list (described in section 3 above). By default, only goals are displayed (for both teams). But, by pressing on these buttons, you have fine control over whether goals, penalties, line changes, and shots are displayed for either or both teams.

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