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The Staff section provides a convenient place to keep track of contact details for the coaches, trainers, etc.. If you want to add a staff member, press on the + button above the staff member list. If you want to view or edit an staff member, touch on the name in the list. If you want to remove a staff member, touch on the Edit button and then touch the delete icon for the staff member you want to remove.

Staff photos are selected from your iPhoto library, so make sure you have loaded these in advance through iPhoto, so that you can select them here. To select a photo, touch on the button on the top right of the photo area. Note that you can scale and crop within the photo select window.

In the upper toolbar, there is a button titled Import Staff. If you touch on this button, you can specify the online location of a file to be used to import staff members. This is a quick way to import team staff if you already have them stored in a spreadsheet.

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